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Trapped with a man she can’t trust,

in a place from which there is no escape…

Taylor was willing to do almost anything to protect the people she cared about. Even if it meant joining forces with KOR, the clandestine group she’d agreed to work with. But she hadn’t bargained for this.

Taken away from the Agency within hours of coming out of a coma, Taylor finds herself isolated from the very people she has vowed to protect. She must now not only learn how to survive, but she must come to grips with a truth she has desperately been trying to avoid. Her powers are gone. Her one bargaining chip with KOR has vanished, and with it, would go the protection that KOR had promised.

Determined to regain her powers before KOR discovers her secret, Taylor struggles to complete her basic training, knowing it may be the only weapon she has left, but fearing it will change who she is forever.

Boot Camp: The Missing Months, is a novella that covers the time period between Brain Storm (Book 1) and The Third Option (Book 2) in the Taylor Morrison Thriller Series. If you like intrigue, psychic suspense, fast paced action and unexpected twists, then you’ll love this novella from author Cat Gilbert.

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