Brain Storm – Book 1

Is she insane or psychic?

Private investigator Taylor Morrison has just managed to put her life back together after the death of her husband when strange things begin to happen around her. Things that can’t be explained.

Taylor begins her desperate search for answers only to discover that others know what she can do, and they’ll stop at nothing to control her and the ability she now possesses – even if it means using the people she cares about against her. As Taylor’s once ordered world erupts into violence and chaos, she is forced to go on the run, fighting to protect the people she loves, even as she struggles to control the power she doesn’t understand.

“I started reading this book in an afternoon. At midnight I was so tired I couldn’t focus but the action was so captivating and the story so well written I couldn’t put it down! I cannot wait to get started on the next book.”
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