The Sword – Book 5

She’s embraced her power. Accepted her destiny. Now, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

PI Taylor Morrison has been gifted with an incredible power. Known on the streets and in back alleys as The Sword of Justice, she wields her unique ability to help others — protecting the innocent and defending the weak. But that is all about to come to an end.

Taylor’s base of operations has been discovered by Jeremy — the man who has been seeking to destroy her and all those she cares about.

In a desperate attempt to end the war between them once and for all, Taylor takes the battle to D.C., praying she can stop him before he succeeds in his deadly vendetta…

Book 5 of the Taylor Morrison psychic thriller series.

“Cat has done it again with another gripping, edge of your seat thriller that continues the exploits of solid characters with suprising plot twists. I love the fact that this is also a good clean read that I can recommend to my children and grandchildren. As always, I cannot wait until the next installment!

– Amazon Review